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Eby Customs offers show quality custom motorcycle painting for Harley Davidsons and all motorcycle  makes.  We use PPG and House of Kolor exclusively.   We offer detailed airbrushing and graphic paint  jobs.  Located in Michigan.
If you’ve come this far, you’re probably looking for a little more info on how the process of painting your bike goes.  We’re going to explain in depth the work that goes into a few of the paint jobs from Eby Customs. We’ll do our hardest to explain each one in great detail, but the bottom line is the talent and dedication behind each piece of custom work.  
Most of us jump into a professional paint job sooner or later.
Probably because we’re sick of the stock paint and our bike looking like every other bike out there.  

Shipping your sheet metal into the unknown is a scary.
We’re here to solve the mystery and educate you. When you understand all the time and work that goes into each project, you’ll get a better understanding and hopefully a better appreciation of what you are paying for. Sometimes we tend to do things the long, hard and tedious way.  We’ve always told ourselves that we would never sacrifice quality for quantity.  We will NEVER rush one job to get to the next.  We try our best to get your parts back to you in the time estimated, but sometimes we run behind making sure all jobs are done in the quality you deserve.

We’ve succeeded in gaining a reputation for high quality work and that’s 
what keeps our clients referring us to others and coming back again.
It may take us a little longer using these methods, but we produce
a flawless finished product.

Each step takes artistic ability and the knowledge of the materials being used, knowing how to mix the paint, and the ability to prepare the job for the coating process.  If the job involves working with a client out of state, and the client doesn't have a concrete idea of what the paint will look like, if we have
it in stock, we are glad to spray up a sample and send it to them.   Or we can lead them to a paint dealer near them to look at the color charts they have available.  Once at the paint dealers you can look over color charts and if you find something you like, just tell us the code and we can get started on the project.

There is ALOT more involved than just “painting” the bike.  Most people don’t realize this, and don’t even think about it when they get an estimate.  It all starts with meeting the client or talking with them via email or phone.  From there if sketches are required, we work together coming up with a design.   As the work begins, progress shots are sent via email to keep you updated on your project.  By this time there is usually quite a bit of time invested and we’re only at the beginning stages.  Certain projects have taken up to 40 hours or more before we even touch any paint.  There is usually sandblasting involved, sometimes body work, and the prep work as well.  Not to mention the high cost of the paint and materials.
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