Eby Customs offers show quality custom motorcycle painting for Harley Davidsons and all motorcycle  makes.  We use PPG and House of Kolor exclusively.   We offer detailed airbrushing and graphic paint  jobs.  Located in Michigan.
Shipping guidelines for clients:

*Disassemble your existing motorcycle sheet metal
*Make sure all gas is removed. You can if you'd like, slide the cross over line back on if necessary or wrap some duct tape over the spouts.
*Please remove all hardware from tanks or fenders.  If it is fuel injected, leave it.  We'll take care of it unless you or someone you know is knowledgeable about it.


*Wrapping your sheet metal in bubble wrap.  Preferably individually.  You can send them in separate boxes, or pack what you can in one.  The tighter the fit, the better the protection.  Don't smash them in!  Get them snug. Use some peanuts or newspaper for extra protection around your parts.
*Please include your information and what parts you are shipping inside the box.  
*Make sure you insure you parts.
*Close and tape the boxes securely.  Packing tape is recommended.


*Make sure to label your boxes with you name and address.

*We generally use UPS or USPS.  You can use FedEx or any other carrier you 
  choose.  However, we will use UPS to ship them back to you.
*If you have a UPS account or other account for shipping, please let us know if 
  you'd like us to use it when shipping your parts back to you.  Please inform us of the number.
*How you want it shipped back is up to you depending on how fast or how much you
  want to spend.  Please let us know in advance.
*Shipping costs are added to the final bill.   This is not included in the quote.  The 
  quote /estimate was for the paint work only.

Our inspection:

*Once your parts arrive to us, we will inspect all parts.  If there are any problems 
  we will contact you.  We will also contact you to let you know your parts have 
  arrived safetly.                                                                                      
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